Human right activist

About Human rights activists in the World

The human right activist Fight

When it comes to “fighting for the good ones” we often think of
some sort of superhero that wear capes and want to save the world from evil, if
you think about it it’s a romantic (and very exaggerated) idea of what a human
right activist really is, or at least, what they pretend to be, I’m not going to
say that all the human right activist fight in vain, but some certainly do, and
it’s because they all have good intentions (at least that’s what I want to
think) but are often uninformed of what they think they defend.

Political agendas

Political agendas can be a serious trouble for the human right activist because it can blind some realities, both for right-wing […]

Care about the world

Politicians rarely care about the world they live in, they just want what is best for them, so, in the admirable […]

Cases of human right activist

There are countless cases of human right activist who are admirable and do an excellent job fighting for what is right […]


The activist for us

What I’m trying to say here, is that if you what to be a good human right
activist you can’t have a political side, or at least not be a fanatic, because
as we know, fanatism blind people from the reality they lived in, there are
many examples of activist who fought for good reasons but you see them later
defending a government that kills its own people just because “If Trump
hate that government i have to defend them, because ALL that Trump says, I have
to be against”. Obviously, that’s not a healthy way to defend “all
the people in the world” because there are some realities we have to
understand before taking a position, we live in a dangerous world, please,
don’t make it worse just because of a political agenda.

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